Our Facilities

MS Bioworks is housed in a modern 3300 sq. ft. facility and is equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, sample preparation tools and data analysis software.


MS Bioworks uses ThermoFisher Orbitrap platforms  with nanoscale liquid chromatography systems for all projects. This is industry leading instrumentation employed by many academic thought-leaders. We have a total of four Orbitrap instruments:

Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid

The Orbitrap Fusion Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer is the industry-leading high-performance mass spectrometer. Our system is equipped with HCD, CID and ETD fragmentation.


Q Exactive

The Q Exactive is a hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer combining a high-performance quadrupole mass filter with the industry leading high resolution sensitive and selective Orbitrap mass analyzer.  This instrument is ideal for discovery proteomics, quantitative proteomics and  PTM related work. MS Bioworks has two Q Exactive instruments and one Q Exactive HF instrument interfaced to UPLC nano liquid chromatography systems.

Combining this instrumentation with sample processing workflows developed and optimized by our scientists over many years and high-end data processing technologies enables MS Bioworks to address the complex analytical problems arising from modern biological research.  MS Bioworks operators are dedicated professional scientists who understand the importance of their client’s research and are accountable for uncompromising data quality delivered with high integrity and transparency.

Data Analysis

MS Bioworks uses Mascot, Scaffold, MaxQuant, Perseus, Byonic and Skyline packages for data processing and review.

Matrix Science logo

MS Bioworks uses the Mascot database search engine to identify proteins from primary sequence databases.  Mascot is developed and distributed by Matrix Science Ltd, to find out more about how Mascot enables the confident identification of peptides and proteins from complex LC-MS/MS datasets visit the Matrix Science homepage here.

proteome software logo

MS Bioworks uses the Scaffold data processing software to visualize and mine database search results. Our clients can view their data using the free Scaffold viewer appropriate for their operating system. Scaffold is developed and distributed by Proteome Software, for more information about Scaffold and the option to download the free data viewer visit the Proteome Software website here.


MS Bioworks is using Protein Metrics Byonic software to expand our glycoproteomics and PTM identification and localization workflows.  For more information on Byonic and their new approach to database searching for the identification of modified peptides and proteins visit the Protein Metrics website.