Protein-works: Protein Identification

MS Bioworks protein identification services can be used to identify a protein in gel (MSB-01) or in solution (MSB-02). The basic experimental workflow for our protein identification service is presented below.

Samples are digested using sequencing grade trypsin (Promega), analyzed by nanoscale LC-MS/MS on a LTQ Orbitrap Velos mass spectrometer.  Data are searched and protein identified using Mascot (Matrix Science) and processed via the Scaffold software (Proteome Software).  We provide a report summarizing the proteins identified in a sample and a summary file to allow independent data interrogation.

For your gel sample submissions we recommend a minimum of 1ng of your protein, gel bands should be 1 x 5mm and gel spots should be ~2mm diameter. For solution submissions we suggest a detergent free buffer with <50mM volatile salt and submitting 100ng of protein.

Examples of sequence coverage from varying amounts of submitted proteins are presented in the charts below.

MSB-1and MSB-2 can be ordered directly from our ordering system, here.