PTM-works: Glyco-screen

This service uses PNGase-F treatment to confirm the presence of glycosylated residues on a protein. The diagnostic asparagine to aspartic acid signature resulting from deglycosylation by PNGase-F can be identified by mass spectrometry. This service is ideal for scientists working in the glycobiology area and can be a precursor to a more involved glyco proteomics studies offered through our Custom-works service.

The Glyco-screen approach was used to identify 9 glycosylation sites on invertase, an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose.

a) Invertase amino acid sequence with peptides identified with trypsin alone highlighted in red. The N-glycosylation motifs are highlighted in blue. This method accounts for deamidation artifacts.

b) Peptides identified with PNGase-F + trypsin. Note the converted amino acids indicating sites of PNGase-F activity and therefore N-glycosylation.

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