PTM-works: Phospho-screen

MS Bioworks Phospho-screen service involves the enrichment of phosphopeptides from complex matrices using metal chelation chromatography and their subsequent detection using nanoscale chromatography and state-of-the-art high resolution mass spectrometry. Data can be acquired using multiple modes of fragmentation Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD), Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) and Higher Energy Collision Induced Dissociated (HCD) and are processed using MaxQuant software (Cox et al., Nature Biotechnology, 2008).

The data presented here are from the analysis of MCF10A cells that were treated with the AKT kinase inhibitor A-443654 in a SILAC experiment. A fivefold decrease in an unknown kinase substrate of RNA-binding protein 25 was observed. The data here represent the mass spectrum of the phospho-peptide, the quantitative chromatographic data and the full scan mass spectrum verification data.

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