Protein-works Mass spectrometry protein analysis services encompassing protein identification, protein sequence confirmation, protein molecular weight determination and complex sample profiling.


PTM-works is a range of post-translational modification (PTM) identification and quantitation services. These services include screening a sample for the presence or absence of a particular PTM on a target protein, global analysis of a sample to identify any proteins harboring a specific modification and comparing the abundance of modified peptides between samples.


Quant-works The Quant-works services are designed to enable you to answer your quantitative proteomics questions. The services include workflows for label free (spectral counting and dMS), chemical labeling (TMT) and metabolic labeling (SILAC).


IP-works services are designed for the analysis of immunoprecipitated or co-immunoprecipitated proteins. These experiments can be used to simply profile the protein content of a sample or for the qualitative comparison of control versus test samples to discriminate specific from non-specific binding events, for example.


Custom-works MS Bioworks is equipped with cutting edge analytical instrumentation suited to handling the diverse and demanding nature of modern proteomics experiments. We understand that some projects fall outside of our routine service portfolio and as such we are happy to discuss custom projects and deliver a solution tailored to your needs.