Protein Profiling

This service is a qualitative profile of a complex sample such as a cell lysate, a tissue homogenate or a biofluid, providing a catalogue of the proteins present. The extent of fractionation performed on the sample prior to the analysis dictates the number of proteins observed. The greater the number of fractions, the greater the number of proteins identified and sequence coverage of those proteins.

Sample or fractions are digested using trypsin and the peptide mixture is analyzed by LC/MS/MS. The peptides are fragmented in the mass spectrometer to yield diagnostic patterns that can be matched to protein sequence databases via computer algorithms. A non-redundant list of proteins present in the sample is determined with associated pathway information.

A 10 fraction analysis is suitable for the analysis of low complexity samples e.g. HPLC fractions, semi-purified extracts.  A 20 fraction analysis is for medium complexity samples e.g. subcellular fractions, pooled HPLC fractions. A 40 fraction analysis is suitable for complex samples e.g. whole cell lysates, whole tissue extracts.

Sample types: Lysates, cells, tissues, biofluids, FFPE protein extracts
Data turn around: Two weeks or less
Report format: PDF report
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