PTM Profiling plus

This service uses multiple enzymes to maximize the sequence coverage obtained for your protein of interest. This approach increases the likelihood of detecting PTMs on your protein including those on none tryptic peptides. The range of modifications is limited to those readily identifiable in a database search, such as methylation of lysine or arginine, ubiquitination of lysine, deamidation of glutamine or asparagine, glycation of lysine, phosphorylation of serine, threonine or tyrosine (without enrichment), or acetylation of lysine.

Samples are submitted as excised gel bands. If you prefer can we run the gel for you. The gel piece is processed using trypsin/chymotrypsin and elastase, the peptide mixture is analyzed by LC/MS/MS. Data are processed using the database search tool Mascot which is configured to identify your PTM of interest. Mascot search results are visualized using Scaffold and Scaffold PTM from Proteome Software.