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Mass Spectrometry is an intrinsic component of modern biological research and development with a seemingly ever expanding number of applications. These applications can often be complex and can produce an overwhelming amount of data. At MS Bioworks we provide services that reduce the complexity associated with protein mass spectrometry and emphasize clear and understandable results and not complex experimental protocols.

The MS Bioworks FreeID promotion is a tool to enable you to experience how simple it is to work with MS Bioworks and how mass spectrometry can be incorporated into your research workflow. The promotion entitles you to use our MSB-01 service for free! MSB-01 is our protein identification from a gel band service, you can find more information on this service and sample requirements here.

Contact us on our toll free number at 1-888-960-0650 to receive your one time promotional code. The code we provide you can be used as a purchase order number (PO#) on the intuitive ordering section of our website.

That’s it! Now ship your sample to MS Bioworks (you are responsible for shipping) and we will promptly return your data*.

For details on how to place your on-line order you can follow the easy to understand instructions below to place your order or alternatively call our toll free number and we will happy to walk you through the ordering process.

*MS Bioworks standard terms and conditions apply. Limit to one submission per customer.

FreeID - Updated Instructions