Data Independent Acquisition (DIA)


Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) is an emerging quantitative proteomics technique enabling fast and sensitive protein profiling from complex mixtures. Utilizing novel scan functions and data processing workflows DIA represents a paradigm shift in the expectations associated with quantitative proteomics analysis. Our DIA services are ideally suited to the differential analysis of sample cohorts with at least three samples in each group. If you have any questions or if you would like to see how this technology could help move your research forward please reach out via phone or email.

Steps Involved

  • Sample preparation. Protein extraction, trypsin digestion, and desalting.
  • UPLC-MS. Preparation of Gas Phase Fractionation Library.
  • UPLC-MS. Nanoscale UPLC coupled to a ThermoFisher Exploris 480 mass spectrometer.
  • Data analysis: Protein Identification and quantitation with Scaffold DIA. Differential analysis with Perseus.
  • Report generation: PDF/Excel


  • Written Report containing details of your samples, our methods and a summary of the data.
  • An Excel workbook containing the detailed qualitative and quantitative protein identification data.

An example report is available upon request.

*Price includes preparation of your sample specific Gas Phase Fractionation (GPF) library