This screening service can be used to determine presence or absence of N-glycosylation sites on an antibody, recombinant or highly purified protein. Modified asparagine (Asn) residues are converted to the deamidated aspartic acid (Asp) following treatment with PNGase F, this is a simple modification to pick up in a database search. Analysis without treatment accounts for any artifactual deamidation.

Steps Involved

  • Sample preparation
  • LC-MS/MS
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation: PDF/Excel

The turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.


  • Written Report containing details of your samples, our methods and a summary of the data.
  • An Excel workbook containing the detailed qualitative and quantitative protein identification data.
  • A Scaffold file to enable your own deeper data mining.

An example report is available upon request.

A service note with some data outlining some fundamentals of the service is available here.